Mine with Us!

An Intro from Bobby Gray, Founder of TXC​ 

Hi there! I'm 
Bobby Gray

…and I’ve been manufacturing gold, silver and copper coins for the past sixteen years. In 2012, I had the honor of creating the original Bitcoin coin, which has since become one of the most renowned coins worldwide.

In 2017, I created Cold Storage Coins, providing a simple method to own and physically hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These coins are available for purchase on Amazon and various online platforms.

Even with my vast experience in precious metals and having been acquainted with Bitcoin for over a decade, I’ve finally come to a firm conviction that cryptocurrency is the future of money. Not just because it’s the cheapest, fastest and most honest form of money, but because it has also garnered widespread recognition on the Internet as the currency of tomorrow. Young people today do not care about gold and silver. They care about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital collectibles. If our children are the future, the future is crypto.